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SalesForce – Procore Integration:


Seamlessly connect Procore & SalesForce to provide your users with a “head-start” in data input. Eliminate “double-entry” input for your users, allowing users to create and manage Leads and Opportunities in SalesForce and automatically push and create the corresponding Project and related data in Procore. Save time and effort by automating data synchronization and eliminate costly mistakes.

How It Works:

Utilizes a SalesForce native managed package and Procore WebHooks to bidirectionally synchronize data.


  • Configurable Data Mapping

  • Real-Time / On-Demand Integration:

Core Objects:  Project / Vendor / VendorUser

Construction Financials:  PrimeContract / Budget – LineItems

  • SalesForce Lightning & Classic  

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Also available on the Procore App Marketplace.

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