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Salesforce – Procore Integration:

The #1 Salesforce Procore Integration. Empower your users with a data input advantage, saving time and effort through automated data synchronization, while eradicating costly errors and duplicate entries.

Data Bloom Salesforce Procore integration

Streamline Your Project Management


Enhance Your Efficiency with Salesforce and Procore Integration


Integrating Salesforce with Procore offers a revolutionary solution in the dynamic world of project management. This integration provides a significant advantage by initiating a ‘head-start’ for users, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity. The primary benefit lies in the elimination of redundant ‘double-entry’ tasks. With this integration, users can effortlessly create and manage Leads, Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts in Salesforce. These elements are then automatically transferred and transformed into corresponding Project and Directory data within Procore.

Key Benefits: Automated Data Synchronization for Error-Free Management

This integration saves valuable time and significantly reduces the likelihood of costly errors. The automation of data synchronization ensures that information is consistently up-to-date and accurate across both platforms.

Operational Mechanism: Seamless and Bidirectional Data Synchronization

The integration operates through a combination of a Salesforce native managed package and Procore Webhooks. This setup ensures bidirectional synchronization of data, maintaining a consistent flow of information between Salesforce and Procore.

Features at a Glance: Customization and Comprehensive Integration

Configurable Data Mapping: Tailor the data flow to meet your unique project requirements.

Real-Time / On-Demand Integration: Ensures immediate synchronization of essential data across platforms.

Core Objects: Includes Projects, Vendors, Vendor Users and Documents.

Construction Financials: Manages Prime Contracts, Budget Line Items and Change Order Packages.

Other: Tasks, Task Items, Notes Logs, TimeCard Entries, Punch Items and Cost Codes.

Compatible with Salesforce Lightning & Classic: Designed to work seamlessly with both Salesforce interfaces.

Getting Started: Easy Access through AppExchange

To experience the seamless integration of Salesforce and Procore, visit our listing on the Procore – Integration section of the AppExchange. Click ‘Get It Now’ to begin. Upon your request, our team will reach out to provide further assistance and kickstart your journey towards more efficient project management.

For enhanced project management and streamlined operations, consider the Salesforce-Procore Integration by dataBloom today. Experience a new level of efficiency and accuracy in your workflow.

procore partner  DataBloom
procore partner  DataBloom

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To get started, please visit our Procore – Integration, AppExchange Listing below – click ‘Get It Now’ and we will contact you.


Incredible support, flexible and seamless solution

“Steve was an absolute pleasure to work with. As we internally got our priorities and requirements together, some of our asks changed several times and Steve was always responsive, flexible, and found inventive and useful solutions that would work for both our operations and sales teams. The solution he came up with for us is somehow elegant, affordable, and also sustainable, making it easy for us to make adjustments as needed. We researched two other solutions at the time, and this one had none of the limitations or bait and switching as the other two. Trust Steve, he’ll be able to figure out the best solution for connecting Procore to your specific Salesforce instance and team workflow!”

Megan McPherson

Great Integration Experience”

“Working with Steve was a delight! He made our integration with Procore a breeze. If any obstacle came about with our Salesforce configuration, Steve was able to present options on how to handle getting to a solution. I would highly recommend using this service to connect Salesforce to Procore.

Justin Hauser

Great way to create efficiency”

“We implemented this app to eliminate duplicative data entry for our teams. The mapping was easy for me to understand (and I’m not an IT person). It didn’t take long to set things up. We had a few hiccups but the company was attentive and flexible and resolved things quickly and to our specifications. Now, our teams can enter data in either Salesforce or Procore and the other will update. Makes everyone’s life easier. Overall, wonderful experience, fantastic app!”

Joyce Nichols


Procore Integration

Streamline your workflow by connecting Procore with Salesforce. This integration allows for automatic data transfer, eliminating repetitive data entry and reducing errors.

how it works

Utilizes a Salesforce native managed package and Procore Webhooks to synchronize data bidirectionally.